Graphic for Eurojersey catalog
Motion graphic for "Villa il Palagio" Tuscany, Italy
Cover for interactive CD-rom, made after realesed a big animated 3D rendering.
Graphics for "Lanificio Becagli" technical sheets.
Poster made for IIT project "icub" 
Graphics for North Sails t-shirts
Technical sheet made to show a graphic project made for "Alinghi"
Cosmetic rendering with features made for Dayton industrial HK
Animated graphic for Dayton industrial HK corporate presentation
"ittle Tino" graphic project from Gebox
Extreme watches EXTIME catalog pages
Various graphic trials for Montura gloves packaging.
Graphic for Montura t-shirt.
Graphics for O-synce bicycle computers packaging.
Graphc banner for O-range Eurobike advertising.
Graphics made for O-range