TRIWA - SS13 collection

The inspiration for this season, the grand reason behind why the watches look the way they do is – simply that we thought the designs we came up with looked great.

To start of we wanted to give our family a pared down, truly flexible, stainless steel timepiece which we named Lansen. The watch comes with a braided pull through strap, made from Swedish organic leather. Lansen also works with all our NATO straps or any kind of bracelet your imagination might envision.

We also gave the colour schemes a thorough working-over, with some new bright additions of hand cut acetate watches in vibrant colours at play with natural leather, milky white acetate and stainless steel detailing. Coral and Aqua Lomin are some personal favourites that are sure to put a smile on your face and some spring in your step.

If you are more of a rainy day person the collection is accompanied with our mini collection staring Monocrome Lomin, Monocrome Brasco Chrono and Monocrome Nevil a three-piece collection of monochrome, cloud blue watches.

All and all, it’s an assortment of watches with a broad spectrum of materials and textures, intricate detailing and, of course, radiant colours. Teamed up with our most sophisticated bracelets to date, made from organic leather from the reknown Swedish tannery Tärnsjö. A collection that we’re extremely proud to present!

ADDING COLOUR BY: Alberto Seveso
Since we get most of our inspiration from art, each season we turn the tables and ask a new, interesting artist to find inspiration in our latest collection and our motto: ADDING COLOUR. These collaborations always result in really interesting marriages between art and marketing, and provide us with plenty of additional inspiration for our work.

This season, Italian creative and illustrator Alberto Seveso has created three stunning high-speed photographies for us, only using ink, water and a high-speed camera.

Alberto Seveso is an Italian creative, born in Milan in 1976. Today he lives and works in Portoscuso, a small town in the southwest of the Sardinian coast. Seveso was introduced to the world of art in the beginning of the 1990’s, through a fascination for the graphics of skate decks and CD covers. It was at this point that he first discovered the creative freedom to produce raw and experimental work using Photoshop. Alberto Seveso is always searching for new influences and ways to renew his art, and has spent the last years experimenting with high-speed photography and ink.

"It makes me think about the possibility to stop time in a click. That’s why I loved to work with TRIWA on this project. It embodies the concept of my original idea: the watches represent the time running and I have the chance to stop it in an image” says, Alberto Seveso.