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    This is a Halloween Twitter application for @NokiaRomania.
Nokia #TrickAndTweet
For Halloween 2012, we set up a challenge for @NokiaRomania followers: dress up your Twitter account with ‘scary’ Halloween avatar pictures. For 3 days, users could access a twitter application and change their usual profile picture with one of the 10 Halloween typologies we created – well defined characters designed in accordance with Nokia specific Twitter audience. In the end, a full Halloween costume would go to the luckiest user by draw.
Hashtag #trickandtweet reach:
The application URL got 151 clicks after launching it 3 days before Halloween.
117.000+ impressions; approx. 51.000 Twitter unique accounts out of 57.000 total accounts in Romania in July 2012, according to www.refresh.ro.
The 10 pictures were used by 45 unique people. 110 total profile pic changes (in average, a user interacted with the application 2.4 times)
The initial campaign tweet was retweeted several times by local key opinion leaders and Twitter heavy users.
Initial campaign tweet
Application landing page
Halloween avatar gallery
The 10 Halloween characters