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In the darkest room 
on a lonely chair, your body tied with rope.
A small window just to envy you with light you've been deprived of 
silently you wish upon yourself to die
Foolish! you know you can't die
so easily just when you want it
oh now 
your mouth gaged, 
your nostrils partially blocked 
your ears tortured by cold words
that reflect echoes on the walls of that empty room 
Oh, Son of a feeble man!  
may your seeds never grow
inside a womb of any women 
nor warmth of her ever keep you warm 
Yet- may you live thousand years, 

This is my wish upon your wish.
Burn.Burn.Burn alive, 
with this of my rage.
Something to share on this one: The other night I was playing with fire , taking pictures of flames. Luckily, the flame showed up something like the face of a ghost. 
The woman and the man and the dancing and dripping of water drops. 
The resting woman