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    Deadmau5 on wheels
     This is the second longboard I painted. After getting a lot of nice feedback from my own dr House longboard, I decided it was time to try it again. I was tired of my girlfriend always using my longboard and me getting stuck with her ancient piece of junk. So for her birthday I gathered some friends and got her a Loaded Vanguard and painted her favourite dj on it, Deadmau5. She was supposed to bring it with her at his concert in Montreal to get it signed, but she ended up not taking it. I don't have any process pictures, because I had to work relatively quick and I couldn't leave traces on my computer camera or phone. All the white paint on it has a glow - in - the - dark overlay painted over so it actually lights up at night. For the rest, I used oil markers, acrylics and a dremel drill for some small engraved details and accents. She was very happy as you can see :)