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    My longboard taking acting classes.
           I love Dr House, it's one of the coolest characters, he should have his own superhero show, I'm sure he could be in the next Avengers. This is dedicated to him. My longboard, a Loaded Dervish, taking acting lessons.
           I do not own the actual original pictures from which my illustration was generated and inspired, google images is to be thanked for it. I actually used two pictures because his forehead was missing in the first. I used photoshop to make a quick mashup and simplify the picture into something more easily paintable.
           I started by sanding the board which I don't think it was the best idea because I sanded down a lot of the glass fiber that was ensuring the board's rigidity. I'm not a heavy person and I didn't notice a significant difference, but it is one of the things I would avoid doing next time. I used charcoal on the back of my printed mockup, to try to transfer the image but that only worked 30% of how I was expecting it to work. I ended up putting it aside and using my creativity for the rest, I'm still happy I managed to get a pretty accurate figure despite the setback. I used pencils, pens, oil markers, some acrylic paint, and lots of clear coats. My girlfriend Laura documented most of the process. enjoy!