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    "Fly Away." 9x11, Monotype with Ink Transfer, January 2013.
"Fly Away." 9x11, Montype with Ink Transfer,
January 2013.
This piece I did based on my love for balloons, quilts, and Johnny Cash's cover of the religious hymn of I'll fly away. I guess my love for quilts lately has come from the memories of family get togethers and taking family photos and always sitting in the background would be a quilt, blanket, or afghan of some kind.. or when my family has visited my grandpa and grandma johnson, i'll always remember my grandma sitting and working on her needlework.. At the root of every quilt or blanket is the memories and love that are stitched in.. I hope my memories will stay as strong as the fibers of my familys quilted heirlooms.