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Adobe XD Live : Pollen E-commerce App

Pollen is a concept app to demonstrate real-world business use case of an existing brick and mortar company looking to expand their sales vertical and create brand loyalty for their existing customers using mobile.

The three-day session of Adobe Live was recorded Sept 4 to 6, 2018 at Adobe’s HQ in San Francisco. 6 hours of airtime, all live! Get inspired, explore, and practice by downloading all of my presentation decks, assets, and .XD file. 

We’ve talked about Design Strategy, Ideation, Visual Design, Prototyping, and Getting Feedback. What I hope to achieve is to demonstrate the process from the business ask to the final result. Tying each design decision to specific problem and learning to balance and navigate the waters of user feedback.

Creating an e-commerce platform is a common design project that have a wide range of utility. Creating a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), to layering designs to increase complexity and creating engagement through personalization, customization in storytelling increases the success of this design.

The UI Kit and screens are the final products from the live show. Users participated in the chat room and we’re able to have a dialog as we went along. 😁

I learned so much from this experience, and was so honored to have given the opportunity to have an audience to share my design thoughts with the community.

Full UI Kit, Prototype Screens
Play around with the final prototype above ^

Video Replay

​​​​​​​Question: Where can I learn more about the Design Thinking and User Experience?
Answer: The world of UI and UX is relatively new compared to other disciplines. I tend to read articles, watch design talks on youtube, and listening to podcasts from recognized influencers to learn about their experience. The best is to practice and get feedback from the community, since every UX/UI scenario have a specific use case and not everyone has the same challenges and solutions. That's the beauty of this all, there are a million ways to solve for the same problem, but which one should you focus on?


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Adobe XD Live : Pollen E-commerce App

Adobe XD Live : Pollen E-commerce App

Pollen is a concept app to simulate a real-world business use case for a company looking to expand their sales vertical and create brand loyalty Read More