This Mural is about flowing water, our role to protect it and microscopic Plankton! Invisible to us in our daily lives, and yet they provide the oxygen which fills our lungs with every breath.

Bending into the Sweet Deep Blue: 
We see ourselves bending over to pick up life-giving sources of food from the ocean; the Salmon bending in its course of swimming across the Ocean; the basket strands being bent to form a basket, now woven with cultural diversity; and on the biggest scale, humans moving with humility and grace to accept the great flow, bend our current path, and make the better decisions needed for the future of life.
Sweet is a juxtaposition with the obvious fact that it is saltwater not sweet water: not everything is what it seems to be.
Deep Blue refers to the joy that is life when one embraces the mysterious depths of life on Earth and the Ocean and flows with the currents of our time.