The main concept of the dinning table [TRAPEZI], which in Greek means "table" is a combination of industrial design and typography. The table is of total dimensions of 1.60m x 1.00m x 0.75 m  and the seats of total dimensions 1.45m x 0.45 m x 0.45 m. The legs of the table and the seats form the greek letter  "τ"and are placed opposite so from whichever side the furniture is viewed the viewer will be able to read the letter "τ". The legs of the table are made of wood while the surface is made of glass on which the logo [TRAPEZI] is printed as it can be seen in the following images. The surface connects to the table legs with screws. The seats too consist of  "τ" shaped wooden legs and a wooden surface. Both the table and the seats' legs are connected with a cylindrical part of 5 cm diameter in order to achieve extra stability. The legs of the table and the seats are covered with black color polypropylene while only their inner surface is white in order to be able to see clearly the T shape from each side. The project was made as a response to the currently running competition of the Greek furniture company "Dromeas".