A scottish winter
This country is just breathtaking. It was my second time in Scotland but the first time in winter and it was quite different than the time in autumn. This endless space, the gorgeous landscape and the lovely people everywhere make Scotland to one of my favorite destinations. 
The picture shows the Weeping Widow Waterfall - far to the north west of Scotland - where the Loch na Gainmhich falls over the edge. It was an impressive view from the ground to the top - just hearing the water smashing down.
Scottish cottage on the way from Lochinver to Durness.​​​​​​​
A foggy and cold day in the Scottish Highlands with fantastic views.​​​​​​​
Road to the western Highlands.
Heading up north. These curvy roads through the beautiful landscape of the Western Highlands are made to explore.​​​​​​​
Three facts about Scotland. Fact 1. The world’s first color photograph was taken in Scotland. The subject was a Tartan Ribbon. Fact 2. The small village Fortingall is home of the oldest tree in Europe (~3.000-9.000 years old). Fact 3: There are approximately 800 Scottish islands but only ~130 are still inhabited.​​​​​​​
Crashing water.
Moody road.
The White House.
Living in the rough wilderness of wonderful Scotland.
Dark and light.
Road to the rainy mountains.