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    School task / Illustration and character design. KREA Contemporary Arts Institute, 2013
The circus company is made up of clumsy animals that are members by their own will: they can perform whatever makes them happy, without human control, so they have their own show ...no matter if that's not the one that suits them the best.
This is Pihe (Feather), the elephant. While he's performing standing on forefeet, Lavór (Basin) the racoon is practising high above - he is agoraphobic, and tries to get over it by being the tightrope walker in the company. He is walking on drying lines.
Béla, the wizard rabbit. He pulls out unexpected things out of a top-hat... when he finds the top-hat because he is quite sloppy.
And this is Igor, a Russian bear. His perfomance is that he rides a tricycle on stage. Bonus performance: the tricycle won't break under his weight. Sometimes he just can't stop and happily rides away.