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    Mini Blender concept, Dec. 2011
SARVI refers to a horn in Finnish and is a mini blender with the shape of a bugle or a horn. Based on the understanding of the use of a mini blender, it is a design considering esthetics and usability through exploration on molding that can be harmonized the best with a kitchen.
Since there is a lid that can be opened and closed easily at both ends of SARVI cup, it can be easily cleaned and you can make a beverage straight and the power button is not a type of ON/OFF but is a type of turning it into the same direction as the curve of a human body so it is easy and quick to use. The most problematic thing in kitchen appliances is the destruction of esthetics due to a power cord while they are stored but this can go along with the surrounding environment on a dining table normally by making it possible to store the power line after separating it from the main body.