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    Flexible Laptop PC concept, Dec. 2012
PANDORA has a concept of flexible laptop PC for the next generation. PANDORA is a real jack-of-all-trades meaning it gives everything. Through its flexible display and proper application of various technologies, it provides a new lifestyle to users. In addition, it is a laptop PC applied to a number of interfaces smoothly as its usability is fully considered.
Thickness of PANDORA is similar to general tablets by applying 21.6" flexible display and thin flexible battery technologies, and it has 9mm thickness that can be easily gripped, so it is convenient to carry like pouches and various utilizations are possible in case of using media through screen flexibilities. Screen ratio of the most commonly used 4:3 (Folding) and 16:9 (Widescreen) through flexible display can be utilized all together.
PANDORA has designs of considering usability, and its body part grasped and used by users is hard and light, and is made of fine porous grapheme materials that is good to fever, and also folding and upholding are possible through combinations between high polymer and silicon on the hinge part. Also, resolving unnecessary space utilizations of palm rest parts by pulling down screen and keyboard boundaries and using Tactus technology together with mature designs are possible, and using Internet is available while moving by mounting SIM card and then using merits of becoming thin and light like tablets. 

SIM Card Slot, SD Card Slot, Audio Connector, 720p HD Cameras (Front/Back), 
USB Port (thin) x2, 4 speakers, Pop up keyboard, Half size USB ports,
Various sensors (Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer)