Second Year University Project to design a product that helps to meet a key human need. 
I noticed during the London 2012 Olympics that the delivery system for hydration to the swimmers in the long distance swimming races was haphazard, and not as efficient as it should be for an elite sport.  So I looked in to how to stay hydrated when in the water and Aquaflex it the resulting concept.
Presentation poster for Final concept. 
Full scale presentation model as shown on wetsuit (Photoshopped)
The key feature of the pack is the flexing of the two solid parts. The hydration bladders are designed to be solid for the use of lifejackets, so the water is not squeezed out of the compartments when it is not needed.
Front linework of the Aquaflex showing adjustment and fitting mechanisms. 
Explanatory Image of the Product, highlighting construstion details and features.