Designing Our Fortunes - Fashion Performance project
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    Fashion transformations and visiting psychics
Designing Our Fortune
I wanted to conduct an experiment on how our appearance - our outer shell affects and directly creates our fortunes. In this three-months-long video and photo project I asked a famous model Meghan Collison to start in this fashion live performance project by undergoing series of dramatic transformations, a la Cindy Sherman, using fashion, wigs and makeup. Stylist  Polina Aronova created the most iconic archetypes of women seen in NYC, "Upper East Side Lady", "Hippie Girl", "Blogger", "Gothic Prep School Girl", "Architect", "All American Girl"....  Once in her "character du jour" Meghan went to get her clairvoyant readings by numerous Psychics in NYC, while I was documenting it Guerrila-Style. The experiment was a total success - each of those psychics thought Meghan was a different girl and gave her a totally different fortune!!! None of the psychics even guessed that Meghan was a fashion model! 
The still images (in this album) from the short film are featured in Dossier Journal.