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Lament (Θρήνος) - Miltos Sachtouris
ΣΦΡΑΓΙΔΑ ή Η ΟΓΔΟΗ ΣΕΛΗΝΗ (α' έκδοση 1964)
Iδιωτική Έκδοση (τυπογραφείο Α.& Π. Κλεισιούνη), Αθήνα

Θρήνος (Lament) is a short animated film based on the poem, that was crafted by Miltos Sachtouris and was included in the collection ΣΦΡΑΓΙΔΑ ή Η ΟΓΔΟΗ ΣΕΛΗΝΗ

This short animated piece aspires to narrate a transition from the present world to a better one. The story line includes incidents that are strongly related to war and lead to the end of the present; recreating a future imaginary world. That way, we emphasize on the diachronic character of the poem.
The visual part is composed of an illustrated sequence inspired by the poem and crafted with textures from books and old images. Words are translated into characters and abstract environments floating into blank or vivid colors, reflecting the poem’s rhythm and creating a storyline. The various materials are connected through motion events that separate the poem in two main sections; the section referring to the present and the one referring to the future.

The sound is composed using recordings of flute, foley and analog synthesizers that were later digitally processed. Through this method we attempt to provide a backbone to the poet's narration, amplifying the textural motion of the video. 

Aiming to combine the existed material with alternative and contemporary mediums, we invite the audience to preserve and experience the poem through multiple senses.

Poem/Voice Miltos Sachtouris (1919-2005)
Direction, Animation & Illustrations Afroditi Bitzouni
Music & Sound Design Kyriakos Charalampides & Giuliano Anzani
 Flute player Tiziano Teodori
Translation Danai Daska
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*** Poem


Σκισμένα τα κορίτσια σα χαρτόνι
με στίγματα από θειάφι μέσα στο κεφάλι
με χόρτο θυμωμένο μες στο στόμα
να σπάζουν το φλιτζάνι τ’ ουρανού                            5
με δάκρυα τεντωμένα μες στα μάτια
σα μαύρες ολοκαίνουριες καρφίτσες
πότε το χρώμα των πουλιών θα τραγουδήσει;
πότε οι πεταλούδες θα χτυπήσουν τα μαχαίρια;
όταν στους ήλιους θα φυτρώσουν άλλα χέρια           10
κι ο ύπνος θα τους αδειάζει απ’ το σκοτάδι

κι η νύχτα θα ’ναι όμορφη σα μέρα


Girls torn like cardboard
With sulphur specks in their head
With angry grass in their mouth
smash the cup of heaven                                           5
With tears strained inside their eyes
Like brand new black pins
When will the colour of the birds sing?
When will the butterflies hit back at knives?
When suns sprout new hands                                    10
and sleep clears them from all darkness
And night shall be as fair as  day.
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Lament (Θρήνος) - Miltos Sachtouris

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Lament (Θρήνος) - Miltos Sachtouris

Short animated film based on the poem crafted by Miltos Sachtouris