AK Culture is a project I did as a designer at Wijs.
There were no brand guidelines other than the logo, so we started out with style tiles. We then had a very interesting workshop with the client about the visual direction their brand should take. We developed a small typographic system and colours for the online presence and we discussed what the photography should be like. The visual branding was later translated to offline assets as well.
The style tiles were made with Photoshop + Typecast. The full comps were Photoshop + HTML + CSS, based on Foundation for quick prototyping.
This was a team effort, with a team of eight people taking care of information architecture, CMS integration, front-end development, back-end development, online marketing, poject management and account management. My role included online branding, visual & interaction design, front-end development and CMS integration.
Style Tiles
HTML + CSS Comps