Cartoons - Cubically Contained
Cubically Contained: Just Off the Tree
cartoons, pen & ink illustrations
The following cartoons are published in a 154 page volume. Following Hurricane Katrina's FEMA debacle in 2005, I began drawing editorials regarding the state of the country. I had always been drawn towards this form since I was a child, drawing then President Ronald Reagan and a top secret jelly bean factory beneath the White House. The illustrations bound in the book are the products of eight years of illustrations, some of which ran in a small weekly electronic newsletter, Bits and Pieces, at WCPSS's Facilities Design and Construction Department.
"I didn't know they sold Federal Earmarks here!"
How Pork Rinds are Really Made
"Only the best for my tapeworm."

Highlander Connor McLeod's failed career as a portrait photographer.
Typographic Design Styles for the Letter H.
Oath of a College Student: "I'd sooner die than eat a vegetable."
"How many more times can a kid say 'How much further' on a ten hour road trip?!"
Extreme Political Correctness:
"Daddy, they're not stuffed animals...they're Manufactured Americans!"
"I don't know how much more I can take. If the economy wasn't so bad then I'd just quit now,
but how many jobs are there out there for rabbits that lay eggs?"
"Who ordered pizza?"
Literal Metaphysics: "Because of Heisenberg...I'll never know where I am in life, Doc."
Breaking Lenten Vows: "If I'm going to sin, I'm going to make it worthwhile."
Self Roasted Chickens:
"Dude, you're making it too easy for them."
"Sweety, I'm not so sure about this new boyfriend of yours."
When A Pun Goes Too Far:
Follow the Liter!
Bureaucracy at its Finest:
"Stop! We don't have the change order signed off to do that yet!"
Cartoons - Cubically Contained

Cartoons - Cubically Contained

One panelled cartoons I hope to one day syndicate.

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