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    Embroideries by Allison Manch and oil paintings by Ian Toms.
Allison Manch and Ian Toms
SEASON at Prole Drift
February 7-March 30, 2013
Prole Drift and SEASON are pleased to announce the opening of IN THE BACK OF A DREAMCAR, featuring two solo shows by Seattle artists Allison Manch and Ian Toms.
Prole Drift has invited SEASON to exhibit Manch and Toms in its International District space for the months of February and March in an effort to build community and expand the sense of cooperation among galleries.  SEASON is excited to have this opportunity and feels it opens the gallery format to other options.  
IN THE BACK OF A DREAMCAR opens First Thursday, February 7, 2013, 6-8pm at Prole Drift, 523 S. Main St. with embroideries by Allison Manch in the back gallery and paintings by Ian Toms in the front.
Allison Manch's newest embroideries are a further abstraction on her central theme of the loner.  She is interested in the weak boundary that exists between the actual and the remembered and depicts those boundaries with embroidered narratives which represent real and imagined characters.  Ms Manch's work was most recently exhibited at Bellevue Arts Museum, City Arts Festival and SEASON.
Allison Manch, MARY, 2011, embroidery on handkerchief, 15.5 x 15.5 inches. 
Allison Manch, BONE NECKLACE (WITH EGG), 2012, embroidery and ink on cotton, 24 x 18 inches. 
Allison Manch, AMBROSIA SIOUX, 2011, embroidery on denim pocket, 6.5 x 6 inches.
Allison Manch, FOUR SIDED SUNSET, 2011, watercolor and ink on cotton, 16.5 x 15 inches. 
Ian Toms' latest paintings consider a personal iconography in terms of universal expression.  His work is an effort to discover honesty and humility.  HIs work has been exhibited at Cornish College of the Arts, Vignettes and SEASON.  In March, SEASON will present Mr. Toms' solo booth installation of paintings at VOLTA NY fair, in conjunction with the Armory Fair.
Ian Toms, FERALTEEN (watching), 2012, enamel on canvas, 44 x 33 inches.
Ian Toms, FERAL TEENS, 2011, oil and enamel on unprimed canvas, 44 x 33 inches.
Ian Toms, HURTCORE (girlfriend), 2012, oil and tape on canvas, 48 x 36 inches.
Ian Toms, HURTCORE (suppressive fire), 2011, tape and enamel on unprimed canvas, 44 x 33 inches.
Ian Toms, NO HOME, 2011, graphite and sticker on paper, 16 x 28 inches.