Club Furniture Design
An Armchair, A Pouffe and A Table
A Club Furniture Design project consists of a chair, a table and a pouffe. The shape and the colour are inspired by nature – the coconut. The main criteria followed in the work were: functionality, aesthetic appearance, high quality and low price. The created furniture is practical because of the parts that can be replaced. These parts can be easily replaced when smeard or mechanically broken and that is really important because it does not require additional expenses (transportation, furniture reclothing, labour price). Due to these removable parts, the designed furniture can be easily adapted to any interior – the colour and the material of the parts can be changed (leather, cloth, ect.). The attached part in the back of the armchair is just one of the possible solutions, variuos parts of other form can be made and attached. Other notes that are wanted to be populatized can be used instead of „COCONUT“.