Identity System of National Museum in Wroclaw
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    Identity System of National Museum in Wroclaw
National Museum in Wroclaw

The National Museum in Wroclaw is dedicated to contemporary and modern art. It holds one of the largest collections of art in the country.

I decided to create new logo and brand identity for this institution as my Bachelor diploma project completed at the Academy of Art and Design in Poland. I faced an exciting challenge: create a brand that would drive the museum’s vision and ambition to become a recognized player in contemporary art.

The design of project included:

- logotype
- signature
- visual identity
- print materials
- brand book
- website

*Bachelor thesis on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw, Poland, 2012 

My goals was created a new brand identity in order to better represent this public facility. The new brand needed to be distinct and likeable and also inspiring people to delve more into history of art. The aim was not only to promote the Museum but also encourage more visitors to attend the art events.

I took inspiration from the monograms. In the past, monograms have been used as signatures by artist and craftsmen on paintings or sculptures. One of the famous example was monogram used by german painter Albrecht Dürer.

The Museum logo portrays the place where people can experience the art. The frame icon is open so encourage people to visit this place. A monogram is compilation of two letters M- like Museum and N- like National. It has been created to be easy to recognize and memorable.

I found that simple form of the logo opened up opportunities for the brand.
A frame became a key visual element. It is used the tie it all together and allows it to standout.
The scheme of colour is neutral, based on black, beige and gold.