Visualizing Skrillex's Scary Bolly Dub in Cinema4D using Mograph. Many Wubs were made that day, and it was glorious.
Please Watch in HD
Created in Cinema4D and after effects. I used a tetrahedron that was cloned under a Mograph Cloner along with a sound effector with the song file embedded, which allowed me to easily animate the shape according to the song. Lower frequencies are represented on the left side, and the mid-range and high frequencies being represented in the middle and right of the animation respectively. 
Render time: TOO LONG, about 27 hours for all frames to save as TIFF files.
I then brought the frames into Adobe AfterEffects to add motion blur using ReelSoft's Motion Blur plug-in, and colour correct my composition. 
Cinema4D viewer
After Effects Composition, Motion Blur on. 
After Effects Composition, Motion blur on.
Still Frames
Frame 000
Frame 500
Frame 1000
Frame 1500
Frame 2000
Frame 2500
Frame 3000
Frame 3500
Frame 4000
Frame 4500
Frame 5000
Frame 5500
Frame 6000