Ural Music Night

Ural Music Night 2018 / Layered.

Ural Music Night is Russia’s greatest music event that takes place in the heart 
of the Ural region. 1 night, 200 000 visitors, 2 000 musicians, 100 stages, 50 music genres. 

And only one identity, suitable for any venue from the Opera theatre to a fancy bar 
and for an artist of any genre from folk to new wave.
The festival’s transforming identity changes its character depending on the musical genre. It is based on an image of a street ad poster – where different posters overlap each other and artists, events and genres hurry to change one another. 
Every ad poster seems to be assembled from pieces of different posters, and paper contours remind us of the easily recognized silhouettes of the Ural Mountains. 
Layers of the posters are informative as well: the main upper layer is about the festival, the middle one is about the venue, the lower layer tells about the musicians and lineup. 
Every venue can create unique ad posters, leaflets and souvenirs on their own using ready-made patterns, thus corresponding to the original style of the festival.

Creative direction: Andrey Gubaydullin 
Design-direction: Vladislav Derevyannikh
Art-direction: Kirill Ratman
Design: Kirill Ratman, Alexey Klimov, Maxim Geychenko
Motion design: Maxim Geychenko
Sound design: Misha Kokorin

Ural Music Night