Otelul Galati - Supporters' Club Branding
The Otelul Galati Supporters Club project was born to carry on the tradition, values and principles of the Romanian football champions of 2011. Otelul went bankrupt in 2016 and only the supporters remained close. Inconsolated but confident, we restarted from scratch, rebuilding the club out of nothing. Being one of those who worked for the rebirth, from point zero, I used my creative skills for the benefit of the new team.
My responsibilities included designing the club's crest • structuring a brand architecture • advertising material • product design • website design • branded social media kit
▲  Team home kit in the 2017-2018 season.  ▲
The Crest
The new badge of Otelul Galati is one that reminds us of the ones worn on the t-shirts of the early ‘90s, by taking over elements of its glorious past.
It contains the clubs colors (red, white & blue), 1964 - year of establishment of the original club and the steel furnace, which has been present on most of our team’s badges since the late 70’s.

It is known that the supporters are like the 12th player on a team, so I represented them by the 12 lines in the background, their close connection giving birth to the new club.
The emblem was an extremely important step in creating Otelul's own identity, being the first ever genuinely made by fans for fans, incorporating traditional elements with great historical significance for the team.
Online Presence
Even if we started at an amateur level (the Romanian 4th League), we paid maximum attention to the club's online presence.
Being organized as a "socios" type club, the most important functionality of the official site became the possibility of directly signing in the new members.
The supporter's Facebook page (with a total of 50.000 likes) was transformed into the official page of the club, an important step in reaching fans from all over the world.
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▲  Rolled poster • Letterhead • Folder • Pins • Responsive Signup Page • Pen • Business card • Envelope • DVD ▲
Ticketing & Membership cards
Four types of membership cards were released for the fans that wanted to be an active part of the club. Three of them in the red, white and blue colors of the team and the golden one to represent the VIP standard. Also, tickets were released for home games after a long time, being personalized for each match in part with the name and monochrome logos of the teams that played.
Club Brochure
To help increase brand awareness and also for advertising purposes we printed an A4 format 10 page brochure which contained valuable data about the making of the club, the history behind it, our philosophy, general info about the team and stadium, the near future strategy, accolades and our Youth Center.
SC Otelul Galati 2-0 Unirea Mircesti - Galati promoted to the 3rd League
SC Otelul Galati

SC Otelul Galati

The Otelul Galati Supporters Club project was born to carry on the tradition, values and principles of the Romanian football champions of 2011.


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