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Tier11 are a Facebook marketing agency that until 2017, were finding great growth and success through their podcast and word of mouth, without a website. As they planned to scale, and started to get bigger opportunities to showcase their expertise, they knew the time was crucial to finally get a website up and running.

They wanted their brand to be highly focused on their customer and devoid of their photos. It was about their customer, not them, they told us. For this brand, we then had the idea to do an all illustration based brand, with all the illustrations on the website animated.

Client: Ralph Burns
Art Direction: Joana Galvão
Branding: Rúben Silva
Web Design: Rúben Silva
Animation: Diana Santa
Development: José Freitas

Our experience here at Tier 11 was nothing short of amazing working with Joana and her design team at gif design studios.

Working with an extremely tight timeline, they were able to create and deliver from scratch branding, design and logos not only amazingly fast, but with their deep understanding of our company mission, designs we immediately loved. When it comes to branding and design, there’s no one better in creating something out of nothing from ideation all the way to execution than Gif.

Ralph Burns — Tier 11


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