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    Tangible narratives - spaces of the story, maquettes.
concept: Radivoje Dinulović, Miljana Zeković
realisation: Architectural Design 1 team 2012/13
participants/authors: students of Architectural Design 1 course 2012/13
photography: Nikola Crevar
Thorough analysis, understanding and interpretations of Thomas Mann's novel "Tonio Kröger" led to translation of imaginary spaces of the story to more realistic spatial frames. Issues of architectural and dramatic, real and imaginary, inner and outer spaces, as well as spaces of one's personality - represented basics for conceptual creation of the space of the story. Author's feelings and individual understanding of Tonio Kröger's contexts, dilemma, dissidence and conciliation, resulted in creation of physical model of thoughts.
Jelena Štakić, Barrier, maquette
Saša Knežić, Roots, maquette
Aleksandra Mihajlović, Portrait of an Artist, maquette
Olivera Radosavljević, Space – origin of memory, maquette
Milan Dragoljević, Atelier, maquette
Jelena Solarov, The hidden depth, maquette
Maja Papić, The in-between space, maquette
Nataša Vidaković, Space is the caught light, maquette
Marina Daniček, Feelings, maquette
Biljana Bagić, The Place of Pleasance, maquette
Lea Muhi, Pervasion, maquette
Jovana Ilić, Awakening, maquette