For my Intro to Graphic Design class, we were given the opportunity to design a brand new new brand.  The class was split into groups to complete this project.  The brand had to fill a niche in today's market. The new brand could either be a sub-brand of an existing company, or be a completely new company in itself.  Each group was to design the logo/logotype, tagline, and at least two representations of the brand in Live Surface or  another means.
My group came up with Paradox.  Paradox is our own brand of computers, laptops, and tablets that run on their own operating system.  The tagline "Simply complex" mentions the main aspect of Paradox that makes it so competitive.  Paradox devices have the ease of use of an apple product, with the coding and personalization features of a PC.  Our slogan, "As simple as you want it, as complex as you need it," also hints to our goal of making our products user-friendly and good for computer savvy individuals as well.  Our products are priced competitively between both Apple and Microsoft products.
Paradox storefront
Logotype and Tagline
The Paradox logo would be used mostly on the computers as animated start-up screens and screen savers.  It is also used on our webpage as a way to navigate to the different branches of the company.  Each triangle represents a different branch: Blue=desktop computers, Purple=laptops, Red=tablets, and Black=apps.
Business card
Advertisement showing different capabilities of a Paradox brand computer.
Website template