​​​​​​City of Vice: photo exhibition 

Visual communication of a provocative exhibition in the Kiev underground squad
Rising the pollution problem of the city and post-Soviet period atmosphere with the help of contrasts.

Author's quote

"I was born and have been living in the post-Soviet period, in Kiev, Ukraine.
Depression after the collapse of the USSR, the Orange Revolution in a whole country and the Maidan in Kiev:
all this has had a very strong impact on the society, formed a national idea.

People were divided into groups: those whodenied power as it is; who supported the national spirit in ATU with a gun in their hands and those who just left the country. 
We all reacted differently. I found myself in photography."


Julia Dzyuman — author, ideolog, photo artist | instagram, behance, facebook |
Olga Prymachenko — stylist | instagram, behance |
Ivan Tsanko — curator | behance, twitter, medium |
Daria Pavlenko — model | instagram |
Art direction
Izvet — development of stylistics and public relations | facebook, behance, website |
Bananza.agency — branding​​​​​​ | website, behance, dribbble |
MSS agency — model agency | instagram, website |
Vacuum — location, music | facebook |
Бар твоих друзей — food and drunk​​​​​​​ | facebook|
Edwin​​​​​​​ — UA, house, deep house, low-fi​​​​​​​ | soundcloud |
Skarb​​​​​​​ — UA, disco funk​​​​​​​ soundcloud |
Rommedah— UA, house, tech house UK | soundcloud |

Anastasya Borovkova — filming | behanceinstagram, vimeo |
Evan Moreson — photos of the event | behanceinstagram |
Igor Gruzhevsky — tatto artist in video | facebook, instagram |


Thanks to everyone who helped and followed the results of our work.

exhibition — city of vice

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exhibition — city of vice

City of Vice: photo exhibition Creation of visual communication for a provocative exhibition in the Kiev underground squat. Raising the problem Read More