Lega Lega brand, after opening stores in Osijek and Dubrovnik, has opened its first shop in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. As our brand is significant for it’s local sleng and theme based on its city of origin, Osijek, we had a task to make the brand recognizable in other locations as well, such as Dubrovnik and Zagreb. The brand Lega-Lega originates from 2006., and besides the design and manufacture of its products, has gained recognition and many awards, participated in many sponsorship events, inspired many artists and sold across the globe. In order to promote the brand in Zagreb, we have decided to design a self promo material in a form of newspapers. Newspapers are still a media with a collection of global and local trends – same as the Lega-Lega newspapers will have the role to give information and news about brand itself. It will present the brand not only as a local small city brand, but as a globally recognized and valued brand as well. The informative newspapers will showcase a timeline with all brand related events: art exhibits where brand was presented, sport sponsorship events, information about Lega-Lega club and blog, presentation of products, social and humanitarian actions and so on. The newspaper will be distributed across Zagreb several days prior to the opening of the shop, and will be handed out as a promotional material in the shop after its opening.