Fruitlove's grocery — packaging and logotype.
Fruitlove's grocery

It's not only trademark.
It is love for healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
The main goal of the brand is to make smiles.
 designed | Arthur Borsokov
direction and manage | SergeScherba
photographer | Evgeniy Bendin
It’s freeze-dried fruits.
They are completely natural product full of vitamins of different categories.


The technology implies the removal of water from the product, without loss of nutritional value and taste.
By lowering the freeze-dried product into the water, it absorbs water and takes on a natural appearance.
The freeze-dried fruit is easy to transport, long stored and very nutritious.
Concept of identity

Hand with an apple that reaches for up - as a symbol of aspiration for a beautiful, sublime.​​​​​​​
There are three brand colors : the combination of green, red, orange colors remind of tasty and juicy fruits.
There is no basic color solution for the logo - the logo can use any color combination based on the brand colors.
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Fruitlove's grocery — packaging and logotype.

Fruitlove's grocery — packaging and logotype.

Fruitlove's grocery - it is family business for the production of freeze-dried fruit.


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