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    Create a logo that brands a new bicycle retail concept, yet doesn't alienate itself from the existing business.
"The Revolution Cycles City Hub represents a new and innovative retail bicycle concept. Its primary purpose is to  for residents and businesses in Crystal City, Virginia."

I felt that this retail concept, while forward thinking and new, was a sort of "back to basics" direction. In addition to using the Hub's bikes as recreation, we wanted to heavily promote transportation and velo-utilitarianism. I started to see a 50's and 60's blue-collar, industrial feel that I thought accentuate the Hub's message perfectly. What it also would do is separate itself from all the same-same eco, green, alt-transpo logos in use out there.

Out of all the different thumbs I produced, the shield and the squared logos were the strongest. The shields recall trade business logos, and the squares were channeling the old painted signs you'd find adorning sides of buildings.
In order to tie the logo the the existing branding we decided to inject some color. The chainring is sampled from the legacy Revolution logo so it hadn't missed the mark, but it definitely needed to be enhanced. It was also decided that we need to alter the slogan/tagline slightly for "political" reasons.
We were looking for a sign that we could place in the windows or on the front of the store (pending county approval) that would be lit. The initial logo didn't lend itself well as a lit sign so I came up with an alternate. In some ways the new alternate rivals the original. The two work together to convey the message of the City Hub.