Jake Stanczak, known by his stage names Ewun and Kill The Noise, is a drum and bass, dubstep, electro and house producer from Rochester, New York.
The following project is all about KTN.
My inspirational track. 
With a skull model and Cinema4D. I blew some minds, mostly my own. 
Black Magic I - Used an "x'ray" material to create the effect, and added smoke in Adobe Photoshop. Enlightenment at 25%
Black Magic II - This piece was created after experimenting with the skull model and adding a ton of volumetric lights and explosion deformers. Enlightenment at 50%
Dentist appointments were made, but none would see this poor fella.
Black Magic III  - Front facing render, used gradient maps to fake the "3D" effect. Used a displacement filter to achieve a very distorted "digital" look. Enlightenment 75%
Close up - note heavy displacements on the entire render. 
Black Magic IV - Changed the light set-up in Cinema4D and made the explosion more subtle. Enlightenment 100%. 
Close up of that pretty smile.
View of the original skull model.
Cinema4D viewer with the exploded skull + light setups.
Guess how high I was :)