100% hand-crafted wallet made out of wasted plastic bag
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    In colaboration with Dixalles Foundation, Up-Cycling concept.

The project was developed for Deixalles Foundation, a spanish company that saves wasted and useless products (to the eye of the consumer). They use this old stuff to create new stuff, changing their initial use and value.
So the goal was the Up-Cycling, an intervention of Deixalles to aware people about big amounts of wasted and recycled materials nowadays.

My intention and my target was to find out more about wasted and recycled products/materials. Which material is more recycled today? And, which material is more wasted today? It makes sense this direction, since the project ideal was to prevent this two factors.
We live in the Age of Plastics, that we know, and we know to that the plastic, besides being the most recycled material is also the most dangerous to the environment. In the plastics we've a enormous range of products variety, and the extreme of waste and recycled ones belong to plastic bottles and plastic bags.

Every year industries produce 150 plastic bags per person, and 90% of them end up in the garbish. What to do with this bags?

Well, my wallet is just another answer to this kind of problem, the process used is not what we can call of "public knowledge" it still on the surface. Huge and infinite are the words to describe what you can do usind this method. 

The bag is reborned with an amazing and very interesting texture (always with different patterns), and the resistance is way beyond a normal plastic bag. 
The poster for presentation, in Spanish (and bad one)
The interior of the wallet and its functions (still a concept and willing to improve)
Some pictures of the process that I used (and again, the infinity of solutions are limitated only by your creativity)
Technical Drawings