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    Hubble Bubble Shisha Pipe Packaging
You are required to research the work of a creative individual selected from a range of disciplines and design a piece of packaging. You will decide the nature of the product that is to be packaged but you must use your research to inform the design and make an intelligent correlation between the creative and the product.
The creative I was given was American jazz musician Roland Kirk. Through my research I found Kirk was primarily a saxophonist but often played more than one instrument at the same time. He was also a practitioner of ‘circular breathing’, a technique that allowed Kirk to hold a note for as long as he wanted. Amongst other things Kirk was blind and was still able to accomplish more than some modern musicians.
As Kirk played instruments that require blowing into a mouth piece, I decide to turn this around and package a shisha pipe, which requires the user to suck into a mouth piece. The shisha also has more than one pipe and so links to his ability to play more than one instrument at once. I chose a 50s style for the outer package to subtly give clues as to who the creative was. The inside was covered in red velour to imitate the inside of a saxophone case. ‘Hubble Bubble’ is also another name for a shisha pipe.