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Rythm24 are supplements designed to support the body’s circadian rhythm for all day energy without the afternoon crash, and deep restorative sleep. They come as a duo pack, and there are supplements to take in the day time, and ones to take at night. For this project, we were asked to create the new brand identity from scratch followed by the packaging design.

For the logo, we used as a base the heart beat graph that transforms into the R of Rythm24. For the brand colors, we used blue and while to symbolise the day and night, which will enable the consumer to quickly tell apart the day supplements from the night ones.

Client: Molly Pittman
Art Direction: Joana Galvão
Branding: João Loureiro
Packaging: João Loureiro
Label Design: João Loureiro

Gif Design Studio is the best creative agency I've ever worked with.

Joana and her team have a knack for what they do, they're super responsible and always on the ball, and they truly care about their work. If you want to bring one of your ideas to life online, hire this team. You won't regret it.

Molly Pittman

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Branding, Packaging and Label Design for RYTHM24.