Inktober 2017
Here you have the #inktober drawings from the last edition. It was so special to participate :)
It's the story of the Timberbound's Ball. All sorts of couples were invited and here you'll find half of them. Their respective partners were drawn by Beatrice Blue :)

Hope you enjoy!
Dear Lords, Princes and Princesses, Masters, Alchemists, Tamers, Hunters, Thiefs, Duellers, and beloved friends. We are pleased to inform you that you’ve been invited to the October Nightfall Ball. Please note your partner has already been informed as it is a necessary requirement to assist together. Ball begins at Midnight, October 31. Yours sincerely. The Timberbounds, Echo Howling guardians.
This is the invitation that all the couples received, written by the Timberbounds.
The children of the forest were the first that received the letter. Accompanied by her big sister, this little girl would be for sure dancing for the Timberbounds the 31st of October.
The envelope reached the Watchers of Dead Things who were separated at that moment. The skeleton and the naked girl loved each other and were one of the weirdest couple invited to the ball... 
Turn for the Sweepers of the Forest, this couple has been together since the beginning of time. They are in charge of the good health of every forest in the world. Here you can see her riding her Froggicorn and enjoying a cup of tea... 
Wizard of the Moor! He waited like two days to open the envelope (he is a real mess) then he ran and ran not to be late for his ball partner, the lady Wizard of the Moor.
The Prince of the Isle of Shadows received the letter. Always calmed, always surrounded by this absolute silence and always slightly smiling, he slowly faded into black to find his dreadful brother.
This was the first dragonfly ever created by the Dragonfly Lord. It’s ridden by a dragonfly Master and both Master and Lord have received today the invitation to the ball.
The Demon Enchanters did infinite favors to the Timberbounds along the years that’s why their presence at the ball was a must. So the 8th day this couple received the letter and proudly started packing. 
The Dwellers of the Desert are definitely assisting to the ball. This girl and his father has been invited and they have also a super important task to do... 
The Socks Thief was fishing socks when he received the letter. A party? There’s no better place to be if you want to find some luxury socks... Let’s go!
There are 7 monster riders in this world, but only the monster rider of the earth and the rider of the wind were going to the ball as a couple. I hope this one doesn’t bring his monster elephant to the ceremony... it’s not going to fit!
The Owl Protectors were also invited to the ball although they are greedy and non-desirable people. 
The Cube Travelers were the 13th couple to receive the in invitation, this strange people will assist representing the strange cube realms...
The Kings of the Forgotten Future where nothing more than a memory, or maybe a thought? In any case they where both invited to the ball! 
The Insect Collector received the letter but this time there was just one invitation... and his partner? Oh! She’s inside one of that bottles so there’s no need for a second letter :) 
The Planet Hunter has been hunting planets for 2 million years and now that he has an apprentice it’s a good time to take a break a go to the ball with his company... 
The Memento Merchants learn his job from childhood, he starts selling memories in a big stand and little by little he learn to fit all his stuff in small places, until one day all that he sells is carried in is cloak. This expert Memento Merchant and his son are the next couple assisting to the ball... 
Masks cannot be exchanged for money, they can only be traded for other masks or valuable objects. The Mask Traders are going to the ball to perform dark pacts although they haven’t been invited or, at least this is what they think, it’s not a easy think to trick the Timberbounds.
The Fire Bearers were two sisters, owner of the flames always with a beaming light. And you know what it’s said... the bigger the light, the bigger the shadow that casts... 
The Abyssal Walkers, despite of what everyone thinks, are a very kind and warm people. When they received the invitation, they decided to leave the beasts at home and so don’t scare the little kids... 
There are more Tiny Thinkers than you can count in a lifetime! And the party is supposed to be a couple thing but they have decided that 986376795 is a good number of assistants. 
The peaceful Nature Tamers are the next couple assisting to the ball. They never meet each other so this partnership is a surprise for him. Wish him luck!
The Carriers of Royal Issues have been responsible for delivering all the letters during this months, they don’t have an invitation because they’re obviously participating in the ball!
The Sleepers shared so many things with the Timberbounds in the past. Always majestic they dream the reality and are real in dreams and, for one day, they’ll awake and go to the real ball.
And all of them came. The ball is finally here. 
 -The Timberbounds-
There she was, Beatrice Timberbound in her throne, welcoming everyone with her slight smile and her infinite kindness. 

Thanks for watching
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Inktober 2017

Inktober 2017

Inktober works from the last edition