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ASEI ARCHITECTS, a company based in Tokyo led by Mr. Asei Suzuki provide planning, design and management of architecture and interiors located throughout the country. They deal with various kinds of architecture including residential buildings and cultural facilities with the theme “empowering architecture,” making people recapture the hidden charms of local areas or environment. tegusu handled the VI and concept development for the company. 

One of their works " SHIRASU" which reused underground vocanic soil in Kagoshima  Photo by Taichi Ano


In ASEI ARCHITECTS, they focus on “contact points of the environment and architecture” and attempts to use resources that are left unused in local areas as building materials.  One of their main work is an ecohouse called “SHIRASU,” which reused underground vocanic soil in Kagoshima.  tegusu got inspiration from the shape of “亜,” kanji used in the company name “Asei,”which is also Mr. Suzuki’s first name, in visualizing ASEI’s philosophy and style.


The line at the bottle of the kanji “亜” represents “a land or area,” and the line on top symbolizes “architecture and people.” We defined the shape in the middle, which connects the upper and lower lines as “materials, technical cooperation, development network, nature and history, and experience and ideas”, which are the services provided by ASEI.  We determined that transforming these elements into positive power, and keeping it circulating and sustained, is exactly the style of this company, which is dedicated in pursuing how the relationship between the environment and architecture should be.

Also, the definition of the kanji “亜” is “foundation” or “to be equivalent to.” This kanji thus conveys the philosophy of ASEI, which pays attention to the basic idea of architecture (foundation) and comes up with materials from resources closely connected (equivalent) to the local area.


As the key colors, mint blue and black are used. Mint blue is a color that is associated with natural things such as water and air, and it’s arranged with black to make this subtle color combination. We came up with the color combination that is hard to describe with words to reflect a delicate impression “kankyo,” the word used in ASEI’s business theme. While the font is geometric and has a stout structure, it is created based on “Gotham,” which is not too mechanical and has human-like softness.

Direction, Design : 藤田雅臣(tegusu Inc.)
Logo motion movie : 藏本優(tegusu Inc.)

Direction, Design : Masaomi Fujita (tegusu Inc.)
Logo motion movie : Yu Kuramoto(tegusu Inc.)

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