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    A school project Mentor: Prof. Milan Pajk
"I'm convinced we all are voyeurs.
It's part of the detective thing.
We want to know secrets and we want to know
what goes on behind those windows.
And not in a way that we would use to hurt anyone.
There's an entertainment value to it,
but at the same time we want to know:
What do humans do?
Do they do the same things as I do?
It's a gaining of some sort of knowledge, I think."
David Lynch
Dunja and Zorman, 1 year
Luka and Melisa, 4 years

Roksana and Aleš, 2 years
Saša and Tadej, 2 years
Gaja and Jan, 4 years
Rok and Kaja, 8 years
Polona and Dejan, 6 years
Tjaša and Jaka, 5 years
Ana and Mihael, 1 year
Majki and Maša, 4 years
Exhibited at:
An Eye For an Eye, an exhibition of best works by design students at ALUO (Academy of arts and design),
International Center of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 2011