VISUAL Graphic Design Conference
Motion Graphic - Official Conference Opening Titles
Premiered live @ Visual Graphic Design Conference - Saturday, August 25, 2018 | Centerstage, SM Seaside City Cebu, Philippines
Creative Direction, Concept, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, and Sound VFX by Eric Jordan
[ O F F I C I A L   O P E N I N G  T I T L E S  ]
The VISUAL Graphic Design Conference reached out to Eric Jordan to create a high-energy retro-style opening titles sequence reminiscent of the nostalgic and vibrant illustrated cartoons of the 1980’s and 1990’s such as Vultron & Silverhawks for debut at the 2018 VISUAL Design Conference. VISUAL is the largest graphic design conference in the South (Philippines) with over 50 sponsors including FWA, Air Asia, and Wacom. The visual design of the spot is based on the custom branding design by Chad Manzo, a graphic designer and illustrator from Cebu City. A custom synth-pop audio track was engineered by musical duo Mandaue Nights to fit into the overall theme of the animation. With just under two weeks to produce the full sequence, the overall design of the frames was kept as simple as possible, which ended up working well with the overall theme. The spot was specially donated/dedicated to the design community, and kept under wraps until it was specially announced and revealed the day of the conference.
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Event Photography By Paolo Pontanar & Armand Frasco
Creative Director: Eric Jordan
Designer: Eric Jordan
Motion Graphics: Eric Jordan
3D Animation: Eric Jordan
Sound FX Designer: Eric Jordan
Music: Mandaue Nights
Branding, Logo Design, 80’s/90’s Theme: Chad Manzo