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Sweetened Medications and Risk of Cavities
During the season of cold and flu, parents want to ensure that their children remain safe from cough and congestion in the nose and facial area. In this situation, taking care of children’s dental health is also pretty much important.

In order to relieve children from cold and flu, parents give them over-the-counter medicines and syrups. Researchers say that these medicines contain acids and sugars which can be quite dangerous for teeth. Use of these medicines can lead to erosion of enamel. As we know that formation of plaque is a constant process, the bacteria in plaque are always ready to consume sugars in order to release acids which can lead to erosion of enamel.
Here, you may wonder about the ways to protect your teeth while avoiding and getting rid of the seasonal ills.

The best way here is to use the topical fluoride and maintain good oral hygiene routine in order to keep the oral health in good condition. Moreover, the medication should be considered with the meal time instead of bedtime due to the fact that bedtime medication can lead to complete freedom for oral bacteria to use sugars in the mouth during the entire night and make a mess of the dental health. Moreover, the children should be made used to the mouth rinsing and use of sugar-free gum after medication.
Taking care of oral health while child suffers from cold and flu gets even more important due to the fact that cold and flu usually make a person breathe from the mouth. Mouth breathing can cause severe kind of dryness of mouth. In this scenario, the bad bacteria can turn out to be disastrous for oral health. Therefore, proper hydration is required in regular intervals to avoid mouth dryness.

Finally, you have to make sure that you take your child to the dentist in every 6 months. If cold and flu are causing problems for the oral health of your kid, you need to ask for the special appointment from your dentist. Your dentist will surely help you maintain oral health of your kid by taking into consideration the medication you are already using for cold and flu.