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Dental Pick and Plaque Removal
When you try to get something worthy, you know that you are going to pay something pretty big for it. Same is the case for your smile. If you want to get good smile, you will have to invest your time to maintain your oral health and hygiene. Having that said, it would be worth mentioning that you need to count plaque as a bad culprit in this scenario. Plaque can be pretty disastrous for your teeth and gums. Now, many people go for the use of dental pick in order to remove plaque.

Here, it would be important to mention what dental plaque is. Dental plaque is a soft and sticky film which keeps building up on the teeth’s surface. This film consists of food remnants, bacteria and the acid produced by those bacteria. If the plaque is not cleaned properly, it hardens to form tartar. Tartar can be cleaned with the help of professional dental cleaning.

If this condition of plaque formation and its conversion into tartar is left unresolved, the tartar can cause cavities in the teeth. It also causes irritation in the gums, leading to the initial stage of gum disease called gingivitis.
Removal of plaque
One of the best ways to clean plaque from hidden areas of teeth is the use of floss. This is due to the fact that toothbrush’s bristles cannot reach all of the areas which need to be cleaned well. Nevertheless, many people find the use of dental floss something pretty challenging due to many reasons. In this scenario, dental pick can be used instead of floss.

Talking about dental pick, it is the thin stick, usually made of wood or plastic. However, you have to make sure that any dental pick you are going to use should be approved from ADA. In case you are using wooden dental pick, moist it in your mouth first before inserting it into the space between your teeth. When it is moist, insert it between the teeth and make sure that it is adjacent to the gum line. The motion for removal of plaque and food debris should be gentle. Strictly avoid pushing the dental pick in tight spaces between the teeth.

Dental picks are specifically beneficial for the people who have braces. With braces, it would be almost impossible to clean your interdental spaces by flossing. In normal circumstances, however, the flossing remains to be the best choice for cleaning interdental spaces because the full length of floss thread can slide between the teeth without causing any damage.