Sports Bar Rebranding/Wall Murals - 19 Degrees Sports Bar & Grill at StarCenter Hockey Rink (McKinney, Tx)
 Logo Design / Wall Art Illustrations and Concept / Printing (Canon Pro-4000) / Installation
Illustration Notes: Illustrator, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Draw for illustrations and Photoshop for final effects, combining art, color correction and output. (For Example: The "goalie mask brain tubing head" was drawn in Photoshop sketch brought into Photoshop and filter effects applied. The tubing was drawn in Illustrator and then brought into Photoshop and filters and brushed effects applied. Printed on wide-format printer, using Lexjet Print-n-Stick Fabric paper and put together on wall. Cohesion of the Adobe apps helped the process when attempting large graphics!)
Main Projector TV Wall (78" Screen)
Main Projector TV Wall Close-Up
Five TV Goalie Mask Wall
Side View - Goalie Mask Wall
Goalie Mask Close-up
Logo Ice Wall
Ice Wall - Close-Up
Brewery/States Goalie Masks above Bar
Goalie Masks Designs