Sirkel (meaning 'Circle' in Norwegian) is a minimalistic and religion-neutral grave monument.

The gravestone was made in the course BAPD2200 - Communication and presentation. In this course, we got to choose between different clients, one of which was the stonemasonry Johansen Monumenthuggeri in Skjeberg, Norway. The assignment was to design a tombstone that fitted into the existing lineup of the company.
In addition, the client had a desire for it to be innovative and fit into today's multicultural society. The gravestone had two deal with the strict official regulations, and also be possible to be made with the existing production system of the company.
Different name and symbol configurations, clockwise: Symbol and name, name, bilingual name, wife+husband.
Different stone types, clockwise:  red Bohus, Larvikite, dark Larvikite, beige granite.
Exploded view of gravestone and foundation.