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    This is a Facebook app for Nokia Asha phones, where users can create original memes and win Nokia prizes.
Nokia Asha is a range of affordable, cool-looking phones, ideally made for rapidly surfing the web, with social media embedded apps and many entertaining games. A real bargain, if you can't afford a smartphone.
The brief
We had to create a Facebook app whose main objectives were to regain youth consideration and preference for this kind of phones, and to turn the silent fans into vocal fans who would share their excitement about the brand and recommend it to their peers. But the real challenge was to make Asha cool for a young and demanding audience.
"Internet memes" are very popular among youngsters. They're a trademark for the young generation. Moreover, they're fun, easy to get and share. So we made a "meme" contest that encouraged Nokia Facebook fans to express themselves originally by creating "local" memes, with their own insights. Thus, we aimed to position Nokia Asha phones as an easy and affordable way to have fun and stay connected. Every week, 2 memes won a T-shirt, each with the winning meme printed on it. After four weeks, the most popular and creative meme won the big prize - an ASHA phone & a Nokia 360 Play speaker.
2.500+ memes created;
4.900+ in app votes.
Which led to:
13K increase in Facebook likes for Nokia Romania official fan page;
4.900 people talking about it while the contest was running (approx 3% of total fan base).
Meme gallery where you could browse, vote & share
The meme generator and customizer
Asha product page
Asha product page 2
Most popular memes