The project was called "The Medium is the Message" and we had to choose between creating a Zine or a Motion Graphics Sequence. I chose to go with the motion graphics because I've always wanted to try it. The video had to be 30 seconds long, in order to fit the appropriate context of an advertisement.
The introduction is a combination of animated flares and particles, created with plugins. Two templates were used for this part and can both be downloaded for free from 'MotionArray'.
Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
'Scramble' letters.
Factory vector.
Smoke footage.
Final Outcome
The sentence shown in the video, which is formed through animated words, was put together after researching quotes, opinions, and facts about creativity both from books and online. The main point was to animate the content, based on the theory of semiotics, in order to communicate the right message.