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    Campaign for a brand and product re-launch in Indonesia

Vicks Voice of Indonesia
Do you have the loudest voice?

What if we could more than ‘Like’ our friends’ posts? What would we ‘Superlike’? Tapping on the insight that people in Indonesia want to be heard, we helped Vicks relaunch its brand and its Cough Drops in a big way on social media in Indonesia.

With the Vicks Voice of Indonesia Facebook App, we lauded Indonesia’s most powerful voices. Using the app, Vicks became an enabler to celebrate opinions, allowing users to ‘Superlike’ their friends’ posts and vote them to the top. The most ‘Superliked’ post of the month that managed to stay at the top of the charts went on to win a prize from Vicks.

The results were astounding. With more than 250,000 engaged fans on the page after two months, the Vicks Voice of Indonesia App gained popularity and Vicks undoubtedly took the largest share of voice in the market with their social media audience.