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    Campaign with mini games to promote sports as part of a healthy lifestyle

Singapore Sports Council: Be a Sport
You’ll never know until you try

Being the representative government body encouraging health and wellness, the brief from Singapore Sports Council was to conceptualise a campaign where people of all ages, genders and backgrounds would be encouraged to start a habit and pick up sports, towards a healthier lifestyle.

Armed with the insight that people are reluctant to pick up a sport because they don’t think they’d be good at it, we focused on using people’s general abilities to suggest a sport. Whether it’s being able to listen to two conversations at once, or to swiftly catch a dropped mug before it lands broken on the ground, everyone’s innate abilities could suit them for a sport they'd never considered.

We proposed a Facebook app with mini games that tested skills such as teamwork, agility, speed and more, using their results to match users to sports that they could be good at. This was a fun way to get people engaged online, and encourage them to sign up to try a new sport.