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    A collection of photographs captured during a trip to India in June 2012. The collection contains a diverse documentation of life in Pune and Goa… Read More
    A collection of photographs captured during a trip to India in June 2012. The collection contains a diverse documentation of life in Pune and Goa. Read Less
Greeted by a fantastic display of the sunrise in the morn'
Sometimes you just have to snap a shot discreetly, and sometimes the spontaneity bears such satisfying outcome.
One of my favourite shots from Goa. A little girl from the Spice Plantation visit.
Barbershop in Yashant Nagar.
This boy was so eager to show me around the settlement. Urged me to take photographs of the mosque's minaret. What an amazing bunch of youths.
The locals were so fascinated by us as we were by them. We took more photos of the local visitors than the architecture of Shaniwar Wada.
Jama Masjid at Mahatma Ghandi Road. The old charm of the mosque is truly enchanting.
The people of Pune are incredibly friendly like this man right here who allowed me to grab a shot of him without any reservations.
This young man was chatting with a priest within the temple compound. He accepted my request for a picture.
Beautiful Sinquerim beach in Goa.
In Alandi, this boy trailed us and stopped wherever we move along the area. In most photos, he is present but he was passive throughout. Snagged this shot whilst he was standing nearby.
Two men posing for a shot in Alandi. Notice the long silk saree being sunned behind? Stunning scenes in this area.
The kids at Yashwant Nagar were just so welcoming of us strangers lurking behind their backyards. The characters there were so vibrant. The girl on the extreme left especially, was giggling non-stop whilst her photo is being taken.
At Yashant Nagar, as the kids were all fervently roaring for photographs, I caught these two ladies tiptoeing behind to get into the shot. I hurried to the side of the rickshaw and asked for one.
A young lady looking out of the window.
Few men of the Phaltan village, whereby eco-friendly agricultural technology is being cultivated. We visited the Appropriate Rural Technology Institue (ARTI) to get to know more about such methods that are integral in rural development through application of scientific knowledge and technology.
A female farmer at Phaltan village
View of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway from Rajmachi Garden, Khandala. Khandala is a hill station in the Western Ghats in the state of Maharashtra, India, about three kilometres from Lonavala and seven kilometers from Karjat.
The stunning Aguada Fort in Goa. Fort Aguada's ramparts overlook Sinquerim Beach and the Arabian Sea
Two kids being pushed forth by their mother to be photographed.
A group of onlookers sitting at the sidewalk to witness the Pandiphur festival.
A group of youngsters chatting away on their motorbikes at an alleyway
Colours of their strides.
The moon very prominently rose during dusk.