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    A1 two-sided poster for the exhibition NAT during Tokyo Graphic Passport 23–29 September 2010.
A1 two-sided poster for the exhibition NAT during Tokyo Graphic Passport 2329 September 2010. Participating in the exhibition are Bleed, , , Your Friends, Sletten & Østvold, Bendik Kaltenborn and Kristian Hammerstad. The exhibition consist of 7 different two-side A1 posters, one by each participant, available for free for the visitors.

My poster: ボーNATの折り紙ポスター is printed in K (ブラック) on one side and CMY (シアンマゼンタイエロー) on the other. The poster contains my own functional (but kind of non-figurative) origami designs made in the software Treemaker 5 by Robert J. Lang. The text on the black side is in Japanese only and represents fragmented thought-sketches for my cancelled lecture performed in a poster format. Thanks to Google Translate/Analytics. I just have to say ごめん東京に旅行をキャンセルしてしまった

9月23日から間にわたり開催されるイベント Tokyo Graphic Passport 2010 でノルウェーのグラフィック・デザイナーとイラストレーターがプレゼンテーションと展示を行ないますBleed, NODE, Your Friendsなど日本でもお馴染みのデザイナー/クリエイターが来日します

Bleed and Node Oslo will speak at the event. I was supposed to give a talk but had to cancel the trip because of 他のプロジェクト. Node Oslo stepped in for me. Bleed will hold workshops and the rest of the Norwegians will present in the portfolio program.

Supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo and Norsk Form/The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A QR Code version of black side of this poster is available at halvorbodin.com with both English and Japanese text.

View the project page in the portfolio of Halvor Bodin.